Created by SQuire Rushnell, who also had his hand in Schoolhouse Rock, The Rockford Files, Tony Orlando and Dawn, The Love Boat, and Streets of San Francisco of all things.

A Christian cartoon, originally created in 1986/1987, currently a straight-to-video cartoon teaching Christian values.

Now, as I remember the original ABC special, it was about three school children, two boys--one who was Jewish--and a younger sister, who were always picked on in school. One day they start seeing strange stars in the sky. The girl goes home, puts the design in her computer, and plays connect-the-dots. The stars spell L-O-V-E. At this point her stuffed animals come alive:

David takes the three kids back to when he fought Goliath, as a lesson on bravery in the face of adversity. It wasn't overtly Christian, or even necessarily religious; I was just religously obsessed as a child. They didn't try to convert the Jewish kid; actually, they were rather inclusive. I thought it was really cool, to be honest.

And if anyone has a copy of this one, I'll pay big money for it.

However, in 1990 or so, there was another special, called The Kingdom Chums and the Top Ten about the 10 Commandments. This was more like a Jesus-freak Care Bears. I was highly disappointed. Now, it's a video being offered by The 700 Club, which is even more disheartening.

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