Adeline Software International, a French game developer team, was founded in 1993 in Lyon, France by Frédérick Raynal, Yaël Barroz, Didier Chanfray, Serge Plagnol and Laurent Salmeron. In addition to the founding core of the team, 16 additional people were hired.

Adeline's first project, Little Big Adventure, was very well received in both Europe and the US, and sold over 350.000 copies worldwide. The game was released by Eletronic Arts.

Adeline's second game Time Commando, however, was not as well received by the gaming community. This game let you control a real-time rendered hero fighting his way through pre-rendered FMV levels. Probably the first game to employ this technique, and hopefully the last. The game was released by Electronic Arts.

Their third and, to this day, last project was a sequel to Little Big Adventure, called Little Big Adventure 2. This time, Activision was releasing the game, and did so with more advertising than Adeline's previous two games had gotten. This publicity, coupled with the fact that the game actually got really good reviews in game magazines and online publications, made for excellent sales.

No Cliché

Due to unknown reasons, the Adeline team went from Adeline and founded a new company called NoCliché, leaving Adeline as an empty company, and the trademark licenses for the LBA games to be bought by Delphine, another French software house.

NoCliché was founded in cooperation with Sega, and started producing titles for their newly released console, the Dreamcast. During that time, NoCliché released Toy Commander and Toy Racer, and started work on a new horror/fantasy game called Agartha. Before Agartha was finished though, Sega decided to shut down all Dreamcast game developing operations in Europe, effectively meaning the end for NoCliché. Currently, the team is working on its rebirth, probably as a PC developer.

According to recent rumor, Adeline is no longer an empty company, though only one from the original team is working there now. They will probably do a conversion of LBA and LBA2 for Nintendo's hand-held console Game Boy Advance.

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