Name: "Achilles hero" Species:Achillobator giganticus Family: Dromaeosauridae Order/Suborder: Saurischia/Theropoda Time: late Cretaceous; 85 mya Location: East Asia (Burkhant, Mongolia) Diet: carnivore Discovered: 1999, by Perle, Norell & Clark Length: 17 ft. (5m) Height: 7 ft. (2 m) at the hip Weight: unknown

Achillobator was a giant 'raptor' dinosaur that lived in Asia, and this fact has caused many scientists to rethink prevailing opinions about the 'raptor' family in Asia. It is believed to have been quite similar to North American relatives, such as Utahraptor, and was one of the most ferocious and vicious predators of its time.

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