Name: "thorny scale" (Gr. 'akanthos' - bear claw, spine, thorn; 'pholis' - scale) Species:Acanthopholis horridus Family: Nodosauridae Order/Suborder: ornithischia/ankylosauria Time: middle Cretaceous; 120 mya Location: Europe (England,) Diet: herbivore Discovered: 1867, by Thomas Huxley Length: 15 ft. (3 m) Height: 8 ft. (2.5 m) at the hip Weight: unknown

Acanthopholis was named by the great 19-Century scientist and thinker Thomas Huxley (father of Aldous Huxley). It was slightly smaller than its North American nodosaur relatives. Its head, neck, back and tail were covered with armored plates. called scutes.

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