A Finnish trio of two keyboard players and a drummer, performing fiercely Slavic, melancholy funk-disco grooves on the cheapest, dinkiest Casio gear possible. Their debut EP was released in both hi-fi and lo-fi versions, the latter having been recorded, mixed, and mastered on a crappy old tape deck. Their debut album, "Derek!", was initially released as purple vinyl only.

Since then, the group has been going from underground, as in 'nobody knows who they are', to underground, as in 'lethally hip'. Their latest album, "Multi Muysic", even spawned a minor hit - the vocoder-led "Viitostie", named after Finland's biggest motorway, was played with the other esoterica on European night-time MTV, complete with one of the screwiest music videos yet. It seems finally getting around to putting vocals on a track was the key to success.

Bonus trivia: "Aavikko" is Finnish for desert.

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