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Playing guitar, avoiding work.
It's never too late to have a sordid youth, as long as you keep him handy.
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Age 0 - born

Age 3 - learned to play Pac-Man

Age 4 - learned to read and write

Age 6 - started school. Got in trouble for reading in class while everyone else was learning the alphabet. Placed in Special Needs class. Liked Masters Of The Universe and GI Joe.

Age 7 - moved to England. Learned second language. Excelled in school, in second language. Obsessed over video games. Liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Age 9 - moved back to Finland. Bounced around from school to school, placed with 8 year olds due to 'missed year' of school - inferior UK education and all. Social outcast. Started learning third language: German. Liked Michael Jackson.

Age 10 - placed with 11 year olds, skipping one year. Social outcast.

Age 13 - started Junior High and thinking about sucking cock instead of shagging women while masturbating. Also cartoon characters such as Buster Bunny. Still liked Michael Jackson. Still social outcast. Big surprise.

Age 14Learned about rock music, and started playing guitar. Liked Nirvana and Metallica. No longer quite a social outcast.

Age 15 - finished Junior High, with a handful of friends and mad geetar skillz. Played punk rock music and hosted at graduation party, wearing dress and makeup. Social outcast again.

Age 16 - started smoking pot. Started High School. Spent Halloween at an acquaintance's place. From then on, spent practically every weekend smoking pot at her place, with roughly the same group of people. Started sucking cock for real at same location.

Age 18 - led rock group to victory at local Battle Of Bands. Won Fender mug and shitty CD carrying case.

Age 19 - Finished High School, having suffered through panic attacks over last piss-easy math class. Started National Service, conscientious objector's version. Moved out from parents' house.

Age 20 - Finished National Service. Moved back to parents' house temporarily. Moved back to England after ten years, to settle, on a wing and a prayer. Moved back to Finland with tail between legs, at parents' house again. Stupid financial realities.

Current situation: Still likes video games, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana. Prefers Tank Girl to Turtles. Still plays guitar, fairly well now. Hoping to get around to actually recording all those songs one day. Still thinks about sucking cock while masturbating, actually does so if lucky.