AOL claimed they got "the first successful computer fraud prosecution involving an Internet online network" when a small fine was given to Happy Hardcore, who authored a program popular in 1995 to use AOL without paying hourly fees. You can read the documentation for AOL4Free at

This is a concept too frightening to even contemplate… By nature, AOL cannot be “cool”, cheap or free, even if you get paid to use it. That’s almost like “Painful recreational dental work for free”. I cannot see a “real hacker” using an AOL account for any reason.

I hate to inform you of this, but by the definition of “script kiddie”, if you downloaded and used this program, you sort of fall into this category. If, you in fact wrote this lame program, it makes you something much worse. And what the hell is a “script kiddie wannabe”? I have yet to meet an asshole that actually wanted to be a script kiddie.

The irony of this entire topic is that if I really cared to use AOL for free, I would simply use one of the many CDs I get in the mail before I ground it into fine powder.

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