AOHell was a Visual Basic program written by Da Chronic in the early 90's. It was supposed to expose security holes in AOL. Though a lot of it just automatically spammed chat rooms and IMs with elaborate ASCII drawings, it did have some features that gave AOL a headache. Among them was an automatic Phisher, which would IM many people at once pretending you worked for AOL and needed their password for official reasons. This combined with a lot of newbies to the online world led to many stolen accounts. This doesn't seem so bad today, but this was back then AOL charged by the hour. Imagine script kiddies, except they don't even need the technical knowlege to get on IRC.

AOHell could also automatically generate a fake account with random credit card numbers. It also let you download and chat without being charged for time spent online. Ironically, AOL would later use these ideas themselves.

I created the first version of AOHell in 1994 at age 17, software that most notably aided a person in accessing America Online anonymously and freely. Although exact numbers aren't known, the program allowed tens of thousands access to the system for six months during the year of 1995.

The ideology of the pissed off mid-teen hacker and "warez dude" was the driving force behind this software and all the spin off programs inspired by it. Almost entirely self-taught, hundreds of these teens who wrote clone programs later found professions in the software industry.

The author, no longer in fear of the feds, busies himself with contemplation of the nature of reality as an escape from the numb minded robotic lifestyle written about at length in the works of Theodor Adorno. The escape being a chosen mindset which could be described as modern western shamanism with a buddhist, quantum theorist, g-funk twist.

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