ANDi is the name of the first genetically modified primate created. ANDi (which stands for "inserted DNA", backwards) is a male rhesus monkey.

Birthed in Portland, Oregon in October, 2000, he carries an extra gene from a jellyfish, that is easily identified as it glows green when under a special microscope. The insertion method is the same as the method used on mice for the last 25 years, with the insertion taking place in the unfertilised egg. More than 200 eggs were modified, resulting in 5 pregnancies and 3 live births. Only ANDi had the marked gene.

(If you haven't read the above writeup yet, ANDi is the GM monkey who glows under violet light)

Presumably this will help scientists to find a cure for the horrible disease MySkinDoesn'tGlowUnderUltraVioletLightosis, which has plagued mankind for centuries. Also, if he ever gets stolen, a quick scan will reveal his true identity so he can be returned to his owners.

Glow-in-the-dark monkeys! Officially not a waste of taxpayers' money!

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