ABC Weekend was an ITV company operating in the Midlands and North at weekends (obviously). The company was an offshoot from Associated British Picture Corporation, and was owned by one Howard Thomas.

ABPC at first vehemently opposed commercial television in Britain-they owned the ABC Cinemas chain, and firmly believed that television would draw revenues away from said cinemas. However, once the Kemsley-Winnick group pulled out of their promised franchise because of financial worries (and their eventual collapse), ABPC adopted the "If you can't beat them, join them" attitude and became a contractor, signing on the dotted line one day before ITV's London opening. By 1965, ABC Television contributed about two thirds of ABPCs overall profits.

ABC is/was held in high regard for its commitment to highbrow programming, and also its classic productions such as The Avengers and Armchair Theatre, and also its idents and other presentation.

Eventually, ABC was asked to become part of a new group to hold a London weekday contract, along with Rediffusion. This new group was Thames Television.

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