Transdiffusion is a historical society dedicated to preserving old television presentation material. They also publish a monthly online magazine, Electromusications.

Formed in the mid 60s by one Chris Bowden-Smith, Transdiffusion was originally a club of British schoolboys who recorded television jingles onto reel to reel tape, along with some of their own programming, and then distributed the tapes among subscribers (private listeners and hospital radio, mostly). Later on, they merged with another club along the same lines, Electromusications (which is where they got the name for their magazine).

As reel to reel distribution waned in popularity, the club dwindled and eventually disbanded in the early 80s (by this time, they had a massive archive which is still being dug out and indexed now). However, in 1998, Chris resurrected the project and started the Transdiffusion website at

At the present time, Transdiffusion has the following sections on its site: Transdiffusion also has various associated sites in the Transdiffusion Network. In all, they are the foremost authority on TV presentation and politics and should be your first port of call if you need information on those matters. Source: TBS website at

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