The follow up to 1st P, A.D.S.R.M! begins with a simple, and quiet introduction track, of the same name. The instrumental song, consisting of synthesizer bleeps over a drum beat enters into Poly-Farm, a more manic synthesizer based instrumental composition. Following this is Hot Stuff, the video for which features the band (in new, white jumpsuits) performing outside for a crowd of women, only to be shut down by facists. The song contains a couple great solos, and some frantic keyboarding by Kayo (By this album the band was referring to themselves by real names).

Eleki Gassen follows; a track that is filled with restrained energy and a primarily group vocal, and a Peek-A-Boo! like cry of "I see who you are!" repeated for a chorus. Nice, the next track plays like a twisted pop love song, with Kayo and Hiroyuki exchanging vocals like an arguing couple. The music plays with an odd synthesized beat, almost like Bo Diddley's classic Say Man, replete with a maracca style drumming by Sugai.

A group vocal takes the lead again on Married To A Frenchman, one of the band's most Devoesque songs. Driving guitar and drums are backed with a squiggly synthesizer and a gritty sliding synth-brass on the bridge. The next track, Monsoon, has an style that matches it's name - with a heavy synthizer and guitar lead that plays like a blast of gale-force winds. This is followed by the enigmatic, Pike. Pike, a long guitar and drum driven number, has some of the strongest vocals on the album. However, it's dark mood offsets it from the rest of the album.

TIME SHOCK! feels like a Polysics version of Whip It, only with the one repeated lyric - Time Shock. Essentially, a throwaway novelty number, the song has a strong synthesizer lead. Modern is the finale of the album - a strong song with a heavy guitar lead, Modern was used to close out most concerts on the subsequent tour. An excellent performance, captured on the B.G.V live video culimnated in Hiroyuki intentionally tearing his guitar strings, after letting the audience have a turn playing it.

Polysics next full length album would be Neu.

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