Polysics debut album, containing a supringly small six songs. Neverless, it was a major success in Japan, and the album's cover/Polysics logo, a black P in a white circle against a saftey orange background could be found everywhere in Tokyo.

At about 15 minutes in length, there isn't much to dwell on here. The opening track, SUNNYMASTER begins with a seeming ly endless drum machine - until exploding with a powerful dose of insane guitar and chirping synthesizer. It segues into BUGGIE TECHNICA - an equal synthentic piece, with some heavy vocoded vocals low in the mix. Next there is PLUS CHICKER (981017 Mix) which betrays the Devo influence that plays so heavily on the band. It is the first song with actual singing, as well. The music video portays the band performing in a similar manner to Devo in their Satisfaction video, with scenes of the band member's "normal lives" (sleeping, bathing, and hitting baseballs in a batting cage - all in their orange jumpsuits).

Following this is the intense WHICH!, enticing listeners with it's "Do what you will!" chrous, sung between POLY-1 and POLY-3. A cover of Pizzicato Five's Good follows, with Kayo (POLY-3) singing mostly solo. The soaring and simple melodies of Pizzicato Five's version are crushed by the power chords, normally associated with Polysics music. The album ends with the enigmatic T.RIANGLE, a mostly synthesizer driven number that serves as an appropriate finale.

The short length of this album was made up by their full length follow up A.D.S.R.M!

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