This is a very simple snack that I love to eat/drink on a cold winter night when I am up late finishing some work or watching a DVD. It combines the the nourishing taste of soup with the fulfilling feeling of potato chips enhanced with the presence of vinegar and salt. So what is my favourite winter snack?

Chicken noodle soup filled with salt and vinegar potato chips.

Sounds weird I know - but try it - I'm sure you will love it too. Make a cup of chicken noodle soup using those instant soup packets you get from the supermarket. Once ready, cram as many salt and vinegar chips that you can into the cup. You can then either start eating straight away (the chips are like croutons) or wait until they go a bit mushy (then they are like the bread in French Onion Soup). Sit back and relax.

Caveat: You should probably like instant chicken noodle soup and/or salt and vinegar chips before trying this :)

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