When you decide it is time to masturbate, what you are essentially doing is making a contract between your hand and your willie, if you are wrapping those digits around wet willie, or you are sticking many fingers inside yourself at varying intervals, it is the same. You have entered into a contract which states that until the orgasm is received, or your arm needs amputation, you will continue on until it does happen. This is called making a commitment and you should familiarize yourself with it. Keep a journal if that helps or have a friend monitor you (and perhaps participate at varying intervals).

People do not stick to their commitments these days. In these times of freeze dried liberalism and canned laughter returning to television finally, we need to look to the people who offer solutions. People who make promises and stick to them are people to be admired. Kill the others.

If you decide to make a contract with your hand to take care of "matters" until a successful conclusion, you will thank me for demanding that you finish. Too many missed opportunities can lead to poor perfomance in the bedroom, especially on your Honeymoon. Packages are available for you to look over.

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