A song about a prostitute by The Molly Bloom from the CD "TEMPORAREALITY". Lyrics by C. Casey. Note: I am personally acquainted with the author of this song, and I have obtained his permission to post the lyrics here. (Time permitting, I will add analysis as well at a later date.)

are you lonely baby?
are you having a good time?
if you're not well maybe you would like to read my mind
you can read it to me I will not disagree
no need to guess the answer is yes
it's never very clever and it all amounts to the same thing
what are you thinking? yes is the answer
I know what you're saying
do you think I'm a liar?
are you having a good time?
are you lonely baby? do you feel like getting close?
I've been there once but not lately
is close just another word for almost?
would you like to find out?
there are no guarantees
are you having a good time?
are you getting something you have been denied?
are you getting close to something big? are you ready to roll the dice?
are you able to pay the price?
are you still with me honey? my place is just around the block
we can have a conversation but we don't need to talk
not if I know my business and you know how to rock
are you happy baby? did I blow your mind?
I've got a lot more secrets but you don't have the time
and if I see you on the street I won't call your name
and if by some chance we should meet I won't say anything

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