Where you're supposed to store, pretty much, everything that doesn't require refigeration or freezing.

There's a few reasons for this. Cool is good because it keeps down enzymatic and microbial activity that will eventually break down most things, as well as keep down the evaporation of essential oils from spices and herbs and other smelly things. Dry is necessary because bacteria, and fungi (well, all living matter) require moisture to grow and multiply. Again, growth and multiplication of the bad guys will do in whatever you're trying to store every time.

Archival preservation pretty much requires climate controlled storage where the temperature and humidity are kept just right. Also note that if you don't have a climate controlled domicile, the shelf life of food and dry goods will be reduced quite a bit. (see Toilet paper doesn't go bad. . . or does it? for a detailed explanation.)

Also note that mrichich is happiest when he is stored in a cool, dry place.

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