No matter who you are, you are alive: pass quickly
  Among the grasses by my humble vault:
  Don't crush the flowers where I lie unconsoled
  Listening to the climbing ant and ivy.

I think you stopped. That singing was a dove:
    it moaned.
  Oh no, don't sacrifice it on my tomb.
  To earn my favour, give it flight and freedom.
  Life is so sweet: oh, let it live, my friend.

  It was under the myrtle garland, at the door,
  On the sill of marriage I died, a virgin wife,
So near - already far from him I used to love.

  So my eyes closed against the happy light.
  And now I stay - alas, for everyone -
With Erebus deaf to prayers, in the embrace of Night.

Jose-Maria De Heredia

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