Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 23: A Test of Metal
Original air date: September 29, 2001
Written by: Richard Epcar

When five of the Decepticons raid a power plant for energy, Wedge and team bullet train appear via the Autobot global space bridge to block them. While the bullet trains form Rail Racer to stop the Decepticons, Wedge and the rest of the build team steal the energy and leave an empty container for the Decepticons to take back to Megatron. Enraged, the Decepticons blame the build team for creating the space bridge which is the Autobots' greatest advantage. To get revenge, the Decepticons begin attacking construction sites and destroying equipment everywhere. Each time they are confronted by the Autobots, they refuse to fight unless the build team appears.

Optimus Prime keeps this information from the build team as long as possible, but when Wedge finds out himself, Optimus refuses to let him go into combat. Finally Hightower suggests they rig the space bridge to scramble coordinates, keeping the other Autobots from stopping them as they accept the Decepticons' challenge. The build team combines to form Landfill and the Decepticons merge into Ruination, but Landfill is quickly driven back into an underground cavern, where the battle causes the cavern to fill with oil. Landfill fires on Ruination, igniting the oil and causing an explosion. The Decepticons are blasted into the ocean, and the build team lands on the ground nearby. Optimus has just arrived at the scene by land, and is able to put the fire out and save the build team.

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This was the first chronological appearance of the build team's gestalt robot, Landfill, but only because the previous two episodes were removed from the first broadcast run due to over-sensitivity about the World Trade Center attack.

Even without those episodes, though, it's pretty clear that though Wedge and the Build Team still lack battle experience, they certainly have the courage for it. It's the last time Optimus Prime tries to keep the team out of action for their own protection. Wedge's relentless (some would say "stupid") courage eventually plays a significant role in the episode "Surprise Attack!"

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