The N section of Robert Cawdrey's 1604 dictionary A Table Alphabeticall.


Not content with a mere transcription, I have also translated Cawdrey's 400 year old English into modern E2 English, through a process involving the OED, much research and many educated guesses.

The main entries may appear in as many as five parts :
          Original [Repaired] (Modern) <E2>

Original is exactly as it appears in Cawdrey.
Repaired swaps I with J, and U with V, as necessary for current alphabetic usage.
Modern gives the modern American spelling.
E2 removes plurals and verb endings and such, so it links to an existing node.

Each operation is performed on its left-hand neighbor. The results are omitted if nothing changed. Only the rightmost word is hard-linked.

A leading (f) indicates French origin, a leading (g) indicates Greek origin.

Please msg me with any corrections or suggestions.

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declaration, or report
nationall (national)
belonging, or consisting of a nation, or kingdome
natiue [native]
where one was borne, or naturall
natiuitie [nativitie] (nativity)
birth, or the day of birth
nauigable [navigable]
where ships may safely passe, or that may be sailed vpon
nauigation [navigation]
sayling, or passing by water
(g) necromancie (necromancy)
blacke art, or coniuring by calling vpon spirits
a pleasant drinke, which is feyned to be the drinke of the gods
negatiue [negative]
that denieth
trafficke, or busines
(g) neotericke (neoteric)
one of late time
(f) nevewe (nephew)
a sonne or daughters sonne
nerue [nerve]
(f) nete (neat)
neutrall (neutral), neuter
of neither side
(f) nice
slow, laysie
(g) nicholaitan (nicolaitan)
an heretike, like Nicholas who helde that wiues should bee common to all alike
to name, or appoint
(f) nonage
a childs time, vnder age
vnnecessary and wilfull absence, of any one from his place or charge
(f) nonsuite (nonsuit)
not following, or the ending and giuing ouer of a suite
worthy, meete to be regarded and esteemed
notarie (notary)
Scriuener, or register
notifie (notify)
to make knowne, or to giue warning of
inwarde knowledge, or vnderstanding
knowne to all, or made plaine and manifest
noysome <noy>
nullitie (nullity)
telling, or declaring any thing
nuptiall (nuptial)
belonging to marriage


See Also Main Entry, Introduction, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I/J, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U/V

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