Released: 1985
Genre: Horror
Directed by: Jack Sholder (Not Wes Craven, as many people seem to think)

Robert Englund - Freddy Kreuger
Mark Patton - Jesse Walsh
Kim Myers - Lisa Webber
Marshall Bell - Coach Schneider

Plot: Freddy returns for the first of five sequels (or six, if you include New Nightmare). Jesse Walsh moves in to 1428 Elm Street five years after the original film. He begins to have strange dreams about a man with "knives on his fingers", and hears stories about the girl who used to live there, who went crazy after being locked in her room.
Freddy, it appears, has found a way to control Jesse's body while he's sleeping, and can use Jesse to kill people who are awake.

Review Easily the worst of the series, seeing as it didn't have the mystery aspect of the original, and none of Freddy's little one-liners from the other films. 3/10 - Watch if you're REALLY bored...
A Nightmare on Elm Street Part Two: Freddy's Revenge (1985) - Weasello Rating: {----} (Dear God No) {{ Prequel | Sequel }}
Please note that this review is laden with spoilers.

Freddy Injury Count: Freddy himself doesn't appear in this movie. He does, in some wavy dream-like-image, but throughout the movie he is puppeteering a regular person to kill others. On screen he appears to burst out of the skin of the poor kid, but it seems to be all in his head as everyone else just sees the kid with Freddy's glove on. Freddy does manage to tear off his own scalp in his tiny amount of screen time, as well as getting hit on the head with a tablecloth (dear god!) and a lamp, kicked in the head, and burned alive.

Body count: 10! Freddy is stepping up in the world. He has a while to go until he reaches Jason's skill level though.

Plot Outline: Freddy comes "back to life" with no explanation from the last movie (he is considered a constant in the movie world, I suppose) and proceeds to have more limited abilities and somehow more strange powers than last time around. He appears to have gained the ability to posess a young boy and make him go kill people randomly. The other movies surrounding this (A nightmare on Elm Street, 3, and 4) all have a killing theme - children that lived, or who's ancestors lived, on Elm street. In this movie, however, "Freddy" goes ahead and kills all willy-nilly like his contract was about to expire.

I'm trying really hard to think of any other plot, but really, that's about it.

Freddy is eventually killed by some girl that loves the boy he's posessing. She says "I love you Jesse" about 5 times, which (somehow) mortally wounds Freddy and makes him bleed out of every possible orifice (and some new ones). Eventually Freddy melts away revealing the poor posessed young boy. Huzzah!

My Opinion: I am suprised they decided to make some sequels after this. Wes Craven is surely rolling over in his grave. This movie is a disgrace to the Freddy name - not only that, but it doesn't have a place in the series. One could (and should) watch every movie in this series without seeing this one at all. It is a waste of time, and a waste of money.

Some movies are bad, and that makes them funny. Not this one. It is so on the verge of bad baddedness that noone could laugh at this bad. Unless you are drunk.

Heck, Freddy doesn't even have his classic "cheezy" lines in this movie.

Do not see this movie. It will shave 2 hours off your life.

Interesting Notes:
  • Wes Craven had nothing to do with this movie.
  • The original glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street was stolen during filming. A new glove was made for the sequels... However, in 1986 (a year or more after filming this movie), Freddy's origional glove appears in The Evil Dead. Hmm, who could've stolen it?
  • Planning on watching this in Germany? It seems the censors cut out almost every special effect and gore scene, thereby rendering the movie a horrible horrible pile of horridness. It was bad enough as it was, because of the plot, but now they've gone and taken away all the other entertaining bits. People in Germany should pay to not see this movie.
  • The begining of this movie, a bus being taken over by Freddy, was origionally intended to be the ending of the first movie.
  • There is a certain scene where a woman is doing dishes. A bolt of lightning shoots through her window and strikes her pile of clean dishes, but the woman merely jumps a little bit and goes on washing. !!!!
  • YET! in the next scene, the same woman's toaster starts going crazy and hopping around... the woman is absolutely HORRIFIED and backs into the corner screaming! WHO IS THIS WOMAN!?
Fun Quotes!
  • "Shh! The bird is sleeping!" - Little boy talking about his pet parrot, just before it takes off and wildly flaps around the room and spontaneously combusts for no reason whatsoever. I'm telling you, this movie makes no sense.
Lead roles: Directed by: Jack Sholder

Writing credits: David Chaskin

Tagline: He's back, but he's not happy. (Fire the guy who wrote this!)
Sources: The oh-so-wonderful IMDB, my head, and the box.

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