Released: 1985
Genre: Horror
Directed by: Jack Sholder (Not Wes Craven, as many people seem to think)

Robert Englund - Freddy Kreuger
Mark Patton - Jesse Walsh
Kim Myers - Lisa Webber
Marshall Bell - Coach Schneider

Plot: Freddy returns for the first of five sequels (or six, if you include New Nightmare). Jesse Walsh moves in to 1428 Elm Street five years after the original film. He begins to have strange dreams about a man with "knives on his fingers", and hears stories about the girl who used to live there, who went crazy after being locked in her room.
Freddy, it appears, has found a way to control Jesse's body while he's sleeping, and can use Jesse to kill people who are awake.

Review Easily the worst of the series, seeing as it didn't have the mystery aspect of the original, and none of Freddy's little one-liners from the other films. 3/10 - Watch if you're REALLY bored...