A crime genre film from Hong Kong


In 1975, a gang hitman named Ah Ming takes out a man who betrayed the 'Big Boss'. Something that complicates matters is the fact that the man had a 4 year old daughter.

As he feels guilty, he decides to adopt the girl and gets his girlfriend, Ah Wei, to look after her while a does a job for his boss in America.

However, things don't go as planned and he is sentenced to 14 years for murder. Meanwhile, the girl he adopted, Ah Shuet, grows up, is in Form 6 at High School and has a (sort of) boyfriend by the time Ah Ming comes back.

She knows him as 'Uncle Ming' as she has been receiving letters from him for the past 14 years (she thinks he is working over in the US though.)

When Ming arrives back, the Big Boss takes him aside to talk to him about what has happened while he has been inside. The situation is that the Second Boss in the gang has gotten rich by drug and weapons smuggling and is trying to take over the gang.

Things are not helped by the Big Boss and Second Boss' sons, who are hot heads and are always getting into trouble, which leads to tensions between groups in the gang.

Back at the restaurant where Ah Wei and Ah Shuet live, Ming meets Shuet's boyfriend who is angry with her for standing him up. Ming takes him aside and tells him to mind his manners or he will beat him up.

Another flare up in gang violence, caused by the Big Boss's son, leads to Ming having to rescue him from the clutches of the Second Boss and shoot his way out (not before copping a machete in the back.)

Back at Ah Wei's place, Ah Shuet is waiting up for Ming (again) and she peeks in the bathroom to check on him, only to find him covered in blood. After she helps him get patched up, Shuet tells Ming she loves him, something which he takes exception to and he decides to tell her the truth...

This was quite and enjoyable crime/gang movie with good characters and some excellent action scenes (the funeral scene is the best.)

Rating : 8/10

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