I stuck my hands in my pocket and explored the insides, feeling my eyes glaze over. In the pocket was a small pebble round and smooth, I rolled it between my fingers and wondered how it got there. I looked down a little bit and saw his face speaking, remembered that he was talking to me. Focused his voice back into words and tried to piece together what I had missed while staring at the sky. Wondering if he knew, had noticed, I searched his face closely. Over and over getting lost in the features, realizing hopelessly that his words were melting into noise again. His eyes were beautiful, everyones are. Wondering if only I could fall in love with just a small part of him what futures we could share. I explored wandering tomorrows as they twisted and unfolded.

I kicked a rock with my foot, it rolled a little down the hill. "Do you ever wonder if people really can divine the future?"

"What are you talking about? Have you been paying attention at all?" Stupid. I shouldnt have let my wandering thoughts slip to words. It was okay though, he would forgive me, this I knew. He always did, which wasn't fair. He should be angry, always caved in too easily to make things work. Stand up for yourself just once. Please.

"Do you wonder whether people are fools believing in something that isn't real, or that we are too arrogant and frightened to trust what we do not understand?" I was already bored with the question though, ready to move on. More interested in posing questions than actually exploring the answers, my apathy had grown totally out of control, taking over every last corner of my life. I explored my shame in the same manner while he unravelled the question I had posed.

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