This happens to me a lot when confronted with relatives, especially early on a Sunday morning. They surround me slowly, coming in from all sides, until I realize in a fit of horror that there is no escape. That's when they hit you with the hard questions. Right between the eyes. Damn, they're good. Example:

Them: "So, where do you see yourself in ten years?"

Me: ", what was the question again?"

Them: "I see. Ok, so, how exactly do you plan to make money?"

Me: "Fluh?" fumble fumble, come on, you KNOW this one "Sluh?" Yes, yes, that's exactly it, you IDIOT!

Them: "Do you plan to support a family?"

Me: A blank stare. I push through a hole in their circle and run away in a blind panic and hunt down my brother for protection.

I swear, if I have to go to one more family gathering like this, I will lose even the meager coherent thought-producing abilities I was born with. Either that or start telling them the truth about what I want to do, which would be even worse.

"Oh, so you're taking an English degree? Isn't that nice."
In a whisper: "Honey, make sure to send her some money for her birthday. I'll go comfort her mother."

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