Restaurant located at the Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World. The atmosphere is a largely successful attempt at evoking the stereotypical television family of the 50s (or 50's). There are small televisions throughout the restaurant showing short clips from a variety of 50s and early 60s TV shows.

Your server takes the role of a family member, such as Mom or Grandma or, for the younger ones, Sis, Brother, or some long-lost cousin. It's almost painful to watch sometimes, but at least they're cheerful about it. And why not? They get to tease and have fun with the guests; it's the guests who are forced to eat their vegetables!

The food is not served family-style, but it is, for the most part, good, and consists of standard home-cooked-type fare. And of course, you still get served with a bill, but sometimes reality takes a back seat, even to Disney magic.

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