5-methoxy-alpha-methyl-tryptamine is a psychedelic drug chemically similar to AMT, belonging to the tryptamine class. The active dosage is less than one quarter that of AMT, about 2.5 - 5mg. Like AMT, it is a research chemical. 5-MeO-AMT, however, is an extremely new research chemical, and has had very little testing. Because of this, extreme caution should be taken when experimenting with this chemical. The chemical formula is C12H16N2O.

Chemical structure:

 H                   H
  \                   \
H--C--O      H  H      N--H
  /    \    /    \    /
 H      C==C   H--C--C--H
       /    \    /    \
   H--C      C--C      C--H
      \\    //  \\    / \
        C--C     C   H   H
       /    \   / \
      H      `N'   H


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