The year 2000, according to Kibo's HappyWeb Manifesto:

HappyWeb has the perfect solution to the Y2K problem!

The year after '99 will be referred to as "2K". Two digits, no fuss, no muss!

Subsequent years will also have unique two-digit names:

1999 -- 99
2000 -- 2K
2001 -- 2L
2002 -- 2M
2015 -- 2Z
2016 -- 30
2017 -- 31
2018 -- 32

With this intelligent use of letters and numbers we'll never run out of dates in a million billion trillion years!

It's also incidentally, how I notate the year 2000 in writing. I want to see people become confused when it becomes 2L.

2K is an open source, distributed adaptable operating system being built by the Systems Software Research Group and by the Multimedia Operating Systems and Networking Group in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Strong collaboration with other research groups is encouraged. They are currently working together with the Systems and Communications Group from the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, and researchers at the University of São Paulo and University of Campinas.

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