A talk given by Marvin Minsky at GDC 2001, about the current state of artificial intelligence and its future. He discusses the reasons why, even though we have the technology and the know-how, we still do not have functioning ("thinking") AI. The main reasons are from lack of proper representation, organization, and the argument over what it means for the machine to be aware.

Other topics included virtual reality, robotics, simulation, advancement of knowledge, suitcase words, conciousness, the soul, and (since it was given to a room of game programmers) computer games. He included a few plugs for his web site and upcoming book (which most drafts are avaliable on his site). The recording of the speech is somewhat hard to follow witout the transcript, Minsky tends to ramble and the pace is askew; however, I like his style, it is similar to my own speaking patterns.

The transcript, slides, mp3s of the speech, and diagrams can be found on Dr. Dobb's site at http://technetcast.ddj.com/tnc_play_stream.html?stream_id=526

Minsky's own page is located at http://www.media.mit.edu/~minsky/

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