"Meet other dandies on the Dandy-Line, early Victorian ankle-pornography is exposed, and science is praised for inventing a gun that only works on non-Englishmen."

2000 Years of Radio is a comedy series originally written for and broadcast by BBC Radio 4. A comic look at the medium of radio broadcasting through the last 2000 years, it was written by and starred Marcus Brigstocke, Danny Robbins, Dan Tetsell with Claire Downes, Stuart Lane and Al Holloway. Brigstocke, Robbins and Tetsell went on to We Are History and The Museum of Everything, while Downes, Lane and Holloway run Round Midnight, a production company based in Birmingham, UK.

The show ran for two series. The first series began in 55AD with Roman Britain Radio, and continued weekly onto Dark Age FM, Radio Crusade Roadshow, Headless - Civil War Radio, Mad - Georgian Radio and culminated with Steaming - Radio Victoriana.

The second series began in the first world war with Radio Mustard, but unlike the first series the chronology ran backwards. The series continued with:

Both series were originally broadcast on Wednesday evenings in the 11pm Radio 4 late night comedy slot. Series 1 ran from 18 October 2000 to 22 November 2000; series 2 from 18 September 2002 to 23 October 2002. Series 1 has since been repeated on BBC Radio 7. It is credited with being nominated for a Sony Award.


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