“1Q” is the identifier used by tobacco company Lane, Limited of Georgia for what is perhaps the best selling blend of pipe tobacco available in the United States. Most pipe and tobacco shops sell it under a house name, such as “Bar of Gold”, “Shag”, and others; but aficionados soon learn to ask for just “1Q” and never mind the myriad names. As well, 1Q is the blend most often recommended to new pipe smokers, or those wanting something that’s tasty, low in nicotine content, and not quite so “heavy”.

The mixture is an aromatic long-cut blend of tobaccos, mainly black Cavendish, with some light Virginia Cavendish. Being an aromatic blend, there is a heavy casing (flavoring) of vanilla that gives 1Q its distinctive taste and aroma. Some smokers, though, swear that there’s a hint of chocolate or caramel in the tobacco. With this blend, a pipe smoker will get lots of those “gee, your pipe sure smells nice” comments.

Whatever its flavoring, 1Q smokes well in the pipe and doesn’t produce undue amounts of moisture or “goop”. It’s an easy tobacco to smoke, if smoked gently – no hard puffing on the pipe with this one. The taste is smooth and satisfying, though those smokers that want a pronounced tobacco flavor will be a bit disappointed, as the casing tends to mask the tobacco taste. Consequently, 1Q is not usually a blend favored by “seasoned” pipe smokers that prefer English-type latakia or oriental blends.


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Many years' experience of happily smoking 1Q myself.

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