"Surely, Paris is worth a mass."

- French king Henry IV, explaining his decision to convert from Protestantism to Catholicism.

In the year AD 1593...

These people were born in 1593:

These people died in 1593:

  • English playwright Christopher Marlowe, murdered under mysterious circumstances while under house arrest for heresy.
  • Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, best known for his portraits of human heads made out of fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.
  • Japanese emperor Ogimachi.
  • Italian physician and pioneering archaeologist Michele Mercati.
  • Korean painter Kim Che.
  • Korean poet Jeong Cheol.
  • Polish nobleman Krzysztof Kosiñski, leader of two rebellions against the Polish crown, killed while attempting to raise an army for a third.
  • English Puritan separatists Henry Barrowe, John Greenwood, and John Penry, executed on the trumped up charge of "devising and circulating seditious books."

1592 - 1593 - 1594

16th century

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