Toyotomi Hideyori was born in Osaka in 1593. He was the second son of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. After his father and brother passed away, Hideyori was the official heir to the Toyotomi legacy. Before his father died, Hideyori was assigned to a council of chief warriors that were to protect him, until he was old enough to rule. This council was led by Ishida Mitsunari.

Despite Hideyori's age, Tokugawa Ieyasu, the leader of the Tokugawa clan and rival to the Toyotomi family, still saw him as a threat. So, he attacked the Toyotomi stronghold in 1615. Although the attack was a failure, a truce was made between the two feuding powers that required Hideyori to dismantle many of his castle's defenses.

Within months, Ieyasu had gone against the truce, and easily took the Toyotomi stronghold. Seeing no other alternative, both Hideyori and his mother committed suicide before Ieyasu could reach them, thus ending the Toyotomi house. Hideyori died at the age of 23.

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