"Ytt may pleasse your majesty to understand, thatt the firste occasion of the fall of exchainge did growe by the Kinges majesty, your latte father, in abasinge his quoyne ffrome vi ounces fine too iii ounces fine. Wheruppon the exchainge fell ffrome xxvis. viiid. to xiiis. ivd. which was the occasion thatt all your fine goold was convayd ought of this your realme."

- English financier Thomas Gresham in a letter to the new queen Elizabeth I,
in a passage that 300 years later will become the basis of "Gresham's Law"
stating that "bad money drives out good."

In the year AD 1558...

These people were born in 1558:

These people died in 1558:

1557 - 1558 - 1559

16th century

How they were made

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