Evil stuff. Once was popular as the ethernet backbone in a building. You'd connect to it using special tranceivers called thicknet taps. From there, you'd run an AUI cable down to either a repeater, for 10base-T, or to a media converter, which would allow you to attach a thinnet which would go around the room. Largely obsolete, but a lot of 10base5 is still installed in buildings across the world.

Additional information concerning 10base5:

10base5 is sometimes referred to as thicknet because it uses a very thick coaxial cable. The 5 in 10base5 refers to the maximum length allowed for a single segment, which in this case is 500 meters. The 10base5 cable uses taps, sometimes referred to as vampire taps, to attach connections to the thicknet cable. Taps should never be placed closer than 2.5 meters from each other to prevent degraded signals.

The 10base5 specifications include:

  • A maximum of 100 taps per segment

  • A maximum of 5 connected segments. Segments are connected using a repeater

  • The maximum length of a complete 10base5 system cannot exceed 2.5 kilometers

    A 10base5 system is normally configured in a bus configuration. Both ends of the cable must be terminated with a 50ohm terminator.

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