A new Sanrio product line. Basically, more handbags, clothing, stickers, and stationary revolving around 100 cat characters, the leader of which is a Hello Kitty clone with a red ribbon on top of her head. (Instead of on the ear like Hello Kitty) I don't recall her name, if someone /msg's me I'll fill it in.

If you even insinuate to a Sanrio-fan that this kitty is Hello Kitty, you will be chastised for being too stupid to tell the difference. The only thing I like about the 100 catsworld merchandise is that one particular item has this nifty day-glow color-changing background. I wish I had a 16 square foot piece of the stuff so I could pretend I'm dropping on acid. Just sit in front of it and bob head back and forth.... Oh yeah, and it involves cats. Cats rule. }:)

Ahh yes. The Hello Kitty clone's name is "Francesca". That's quite an odd name for a Sanrio character.

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