I honestly gave the yoga workout a chance, but with the very noticeable increase in energy after only one week on the generic thyroid medication, I decided to try this cardio DVD, instantly doubting 10 minutes could really do anything. I read the manual, all 2 pages of it afterwards. It was actually the easiest set of directions I've ever read; if you can use a remote control, you're set. You can personalize your own workout! The following choices being:






Bypassing all of the disclaimers, I'm suddenly included in a workout room with three very fit young women, all dressed in visible sports bras underneath bright orange, tight-fitting off-the-shoulder and above-the-navel tops with equally tight-fitting denim short shorts. They are wearing socks and sneakers; I am barefoot and in a rather schlumpy sleeveless blue tanktop and capri-length black sweats with a pink stripe along the side. Breast Cancer Awareness pants.

But no more time for comparison, we are marching to warm up! Back 3 steps, lift your knees, then forward 3 steps, lift your knees and "add some swagger". One minute in, I'm liking this workout. Then, "add your arms like this" (elbows up, straight across from the neck, "don't tense your neck!", arms hanging down.) Now to the side, lunge left, both lower arms swing to the left, turn around (oh, fuck)...then repeat to the right. And breathe! And smile, we're blasting fat!

Squinting at the clock, barely 3 minutes have passed, then it's grapevine, grapevine, "give it attitude, with your shoulders". The woman is cheerfully telling me "to own it" with a swoop, "keep breathing", as I'm sweating and trying to keep up, no problem with breathing. I want water, but it's on to "burn some calories, as we scoop, slide and swivel. "That's right, swing it wide." I'm rethinking number 5 on my bucket list of wanting to be a backup dancer for Kid Rock.

Before I know it, the 10 minutes is up. I'm given a choice to stop and cool down...or to "join us for the CALORIE MELTDOWN". Mostly always up for a challenge, I choose to join them, since I'm having a cardio high...why quit now? I grab some water and "reach it up", "throw it down", now "add some sexy funk"...I'm SO glad I'm doing this in a room with a lock. Giving it my best, I made it about halfway through, then did a cooldown on my own.

I remember there was music, but can't tell you what it was. This was really fun, although a bit fast paced. I'm probably at least twice the age of the women in the video, but it was lively, got me motivated and I plan to customize my workout so I can "split them into 5 mini dance parties, or mix and match to hit your (my) own unique problem areas...or do all of them together for an incredible 50-minute dance blast!"

***note: I've included a youtube link above, for the noder who asked which workout I recommended, but had no TV.

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