Yesterday I chose to start a new exercise routine using this 2002 DVD, which consists of 2 Easy-to-Follow 20 Minute Sessions, for beginner to intermediate, at least that's what the case said on the front. On the back, there was a typo in the first sentence, "Enjoy the health benefits of Yoga while you boost you(sic) metabolism...maximum benefits...end result: Increased energy, greater flexibility and a healthier body." Sounds promising, right? I haven't been exercising on a regular basis for quite some time, but was once quite the gym rat and loved weight lifting. I did yoga daily, ages ago so I thought this would be a good start.

Besides the "master yoga experts provide gentle, friendly instruction that's both encouraging and easy to follow", the DVD claimed... "Yoga becomes the best part of your day with Yoga Zone's proven formula of result-oriented moves, age defying exercises and stress release." Okay, I thought, and put the DVD in. It was filmed in Jamaica on a sunny day, a yellow butterfly kept flying across the two people, behind them. In hindsight, it's a good thing I did this with a loveseat on one side and a comfy chair on the other, on carpeting. From the start, I couldn't get the inhale, exhale thing right. The woman did all of the talking and the beginner's version of the poses alongside the advanced male, who periodically flashed a killer smile.

She suggested picking a spot on the wall to focus, if one got wobbly. I got wobbly pretty fast, but thought if I look at the wall, I won't see the exercises, so I focused on a tree behind the guy. After about ten minutes, I was sweating, and she had used the word "fat" quite a bit, too much in my opinion. Every once in a while she would throw in the name of the pose, rather awkwardly. After 18 minutes, I was rethinking my decision to do both, when suddenly she put her hands in front of her, bowed, and said, "Namaste."

Immediately, two different yoga experts appeared and I figured what the heck. This duo were both female; the speaker kept saying how the other one was so "flexible" (about 20 times), which made me only want to try harder, which I did. I had no trouble keeping up, although I never got the breathing right. It was difficult not to laugh at what they considered encouragement as well as, in the midst of a pose, the woman would say things like, "Feel the negativity you're holding in the back of your legs. Now let it go."

The laugh is on me today, as I am sore in places necessary for walking and sitting. I decided to do one exercise DVD per day during Iron Noder. I spoke with my daughter today and she said she has more, made by the same company. She also said she laughed a lot when doing the same workout.

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