A phrase to tack onto the end of a clause in which you repeat something which you know to be a lie told to you by a currently absent party, to let the listener know what is really going on without having to mention it.

For example, suppose you, friend_1, friend_2, and friend_3 are hanging out at friend_3’s place. Friend_1 has just gone outside to smoke on the porch. Friend_2 and friend_3, who are dating, suddenly look at each other, stand up, and start heading for the bedroom. Friend_2 quickly states, "We’re gonna to go back and uh listen to some music."
Well, you know these people, and you know they aren’t going back there to listen to any freakin’ music. So you get up, go outside, and tell friend_1, "Hey. Friend_2 and friend_3 went back to 'listen to music,’ if you know what I mean and I think you do, so I’m coming out here. This place has really thin walls."

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