Yes, that's right, look at the pretty picture. It means whatever you want it to mean. Those daring abstract forms that seem vaguely menacing you instead choose to see as a butterfly perched on a rainbow. Childlike artwork, you say? If my soul is childlike, then yes. Perhaps it is. But you don't see that this is nothing more, nothing less than an honest self portrait.

That grey whale-like lump in the corner is how I see myself. The eyes are green like mine (jealousy - jaded - cadaverous)... the lips are blue with the taste of death and decay (poisonous)... each of those abstract designs in the background is another reason why I don't fit in (another thought you'd never understand).

But you don't have to see those things if you don't want to. Don't notice the dripping red knife by my heart. It's just another random figure in the shadows, right? After all, even though I'm telling you everything you ever wanted to know with this one picture, it means nothing. It means everything. It means "potato" in Swahili. I guess it means whatever you want it to mean. After all, you're the one looking at it, not me. I'm just the one who painted the damn thing.

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