A suffix meaning stone. (Monolith, Xenolith, Megalith, Eolith, Acrolith, Paleolith, Cystolith, Discolith)

Sometimes occurring in words as a variant form of -lite. (Batholith, Laccolith)

discofever: That would be lith- not -lith. :-)
It can also be a prefix (again, meaning stone) , such as in the term lithograph.

Wesc : There's enough of a problem with redundant plural node names and misspelled node names for the same ideas... man, you wanna cause a nodeshare run on suffix/prefix nodes too? (insert emoticon of choice here)

-lith (?), -lite (?).

Combining forms fr. Gr. lithos a stone; -- used chiefly in naming minerals and rocks.

© Webster 1913.

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