Number 1 of the 100 Greatest Songs (According to VH1 that is).

This song truly embodies everything that is Rock and Roll. The riff, the driving beat of both the bass and drums. But perhaps most of all, it is the lyrics that make Satisfaction one of the greatest RnR songs of all time. The young man, singing about his inability to get any is certainly a more universally felt emotion than she loves you ya, ya, ya.

Musically, it embodies the fusion of blues, pop and jazz that is Rock and Roll. One interesting observation is that it doesn't seem to have any separate 'movements'. There is always the same, unchanging back-beat in the rhythm section. Perhaps you could make a distinction between those parts where the guitar riff is present and those that lack it, but this would be a bit forced. Does this element truly embody RnR or is something like My Generation, with distinct solos for each instrument, or perhaps Stairway to Heaven's introductory, acoustic solo and light vocal building into Roger Plant's scream and Jimmy Paige's guitar heroics. Second, do we want to say that these lyrics truly do embody RnR, or should we lean more towards the folk roots such as Like a Rolling Stone or The Sound of Silence.

Historically, there are no objections to placing this song as the greatest. It may not have been revolutionary or break through. But there is no question that it is one of the best examples of the Rolling Stones. Not only that, but it stayed at the top of the charts for over 4 weeks! Perhaps not deserving of a 10 because of its lack of innovation...this song comes very close.

Personally, I think that yes, indeed, this song does embody all that Rock and Roll is. But I believe, too, that there are a few songs that are equally qualified. I think that while the lyrics are very good, I would not want to place these at the pinnical of RnR. IMNSHO, My Generation qualifies just as well musically and, lyrically, is better.

Slowly but surely you will probably begin to see this prejudice towards The Who in my writeups. It is simply because The Who are the greatest band of all time. Deal with it!

Final Ranking:
Personal Ranking:...29

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