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Muffin, Scone, Biscuit, Roll and Bun Recipes is part of the Cookery catalogue. See also cookie recipes and bread recipes. See also: The definitive difference between a bun and a roll.

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1 Brioche (thing) purple_curtain writeup
2 Butter Roll (recipe) rccolaandamoonpie writeup
3 Caraway dinner rolls (thing) swankivy writeup
4 cinnamon roll (thing) LordOmar writeup
5 cinnamon roll (thing) zgirll writeup
6 cinnamon roll (thing) nikka writeup
7 cinnamon roll (thing) lolaleigh writeup
8 cinnamon cardamom rolls (thing) adoxograph writeup
9 Cracked Mustard Apple Rolls (thing) CrowJane writeup
10 Granny Kat's pumpkin roll (thing) swankivy writeup
11 Hot Cross Buns (thing) Layora writeup
12 Lotus seed buns (thing) DMan writeup
13 Overnight buns (thing) Pr0n K1ng writeup
14 Pasta Roll (thing) Skoob writeup
15 Refrigerator Butter Rolls (thing) novasoy writeup
16 Soft garlic pretzels (thing) peanut writeup
17 Southern Christmas breakfast sticky buns (thing) drownzsurf writeup
18 Soft whole-wheat sesame breadsticks (thing) peanut writeup
19 Sticky Buns (how-to) chickwiththeface writeup
20 Spaghetti Buns (thing) bishopred1 writeup
21 Sweet Buns with Raisins (thing) yehudas writeup
22 vegan cinnamon buns (recipe) Danneeness writeup