Atari 2600 and Arcade Game
Produced by: Atari (2600) and Atari Games (Arcade)
Model#: CX2608 (2600)
Rarity: 2 Common+ (2600) - Arcade version is very hard to find.
Year of Release: 1978 (Both versions. Cartridge was rereleased in 1987 as well)
Programmer: Nick Turner (2600)

Arcade version

This was the follow-up to Atari's successful Breakout title. They decided to add a few different play options, and then release the game again as a new title. In Super Breakout you control a paddle that moves back and forth at the bootom of the screen. You are trying to knock a ball back and forth in an attempt to knock all the bricks out of the wall at the top of the screen. This is a timeless game, and it never stops being fun. Many people mistakenly think of this game when people say Pong. But Pong is the one where to people knock the ball back and forth, with no bricks involved in any way.

This title was most commonly available in an upright dedicated cabinet, although cocktail versions were also available. The machine featured a cartoon rendering of gameplay on both the sideart and the marquee (done up mostly in yellow and brick red). The control panel was decorated with a few stripes and featured a single spinner control along with one button. The game was displayed on a black and white open frame monitor that had a color overlay installed to simulate color. This overlay made the different rows of bricks appear to be different colors.

Atari 2600 version

Use the paddle controller on your Atari 2600 to knock a ball back and forth against a wall, (breaking pieces away with every hit). When you break the last brick you move on to the next, (faster), level. Watch out for missed shots, your paddle becomes smaller when your ball touches the back wall. You can change the brick breaking sound effects by resetting you Atari, the game selects the sound effects randomly from a set of 9 each time it is reset.

Like a lot of Atari games, the art on the box is a lot different than the actual game. The art on this box shows an astronaut out in space with a tennis racket, (its very realistic too). Although the game isn't to similar to the box, it is still a blast.

This game is worth around $2 USD. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more.

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