A classic 80's sitcom. Silver Spoons concerned Ricky Stratton and his millionaire single father Edward.

Just about every kid who watched the show wanted to live in the Stratton household. It featured a toy train that went around the house and an impressive collection of arcade games. Ricky lived the life every kid wants to, and got to learn plenty of special lessons along the way. Silver Spoons existed in the same Sitcom-verse as Diffrn't Strokes and Arnold Jackson (Gary Coleman) would often stop by to visit Ricky.

The show was recently added to Nick at Nite's all 80's Sunday nights and is worth checking out if only for all the neat 80's stuff. It's like a time capsule in sitcom form. The clothes, the slang, the guest stars - it's as 80's as Dexys Midnight Runners.

According to the IMDB, the main players were...

Rick Schroder (though he went by Ricky at the time) .... Ricky Stratton
Joel Higgins .... Edward Stratton
Erin Gray .... Kate Summers Stratton
Franklyn Seales .... Dexter Stuffins

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