My mission, given to me in a dream, is to clone the video game "Crunch Pod" that appeared in the Disney animated series Pepper Ann. After watching some video clips over and over, and applying much the same strategy I applied in how to play Mao, I present these reverse-engineered game rules:

  • On the screen are three pacs for each player and a rotating elliptical ring with laser cannons.
  • Player 1 and Player 2 each have a joystick and three buttons, one for each pac. Control is like Asteroids in that pressing a button gives the corresponding pac a forward thrust (with a "chomp" animation) and movement focus.
  • The ring spins and fires randomly until a pac eats a quadrant of the ring, in which case the pac's button also controls the firing. It's dangerous to go in after the ring, but it can be very rewarding. After a few seconds, the quadrant regenerates.
  • Lasers from the laser cannons kill pacs.
  • A pac bumped from behind four times by an enemy pac dies. Consider it eaten.

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