A tiny little country in the middle of Italy's northwestern province of liguria , opposite Monaco, Seborga is 14 square kilometers around and has a population of about 2000. Its independence is disputable, only because it is not specifically mentioned as being part of any other country. Founded in 954 because of a medieval land feud, Seborga was, until modern times, the worlds only Cistercian State (Which is to say, a Monkocracy). The prince of Seborga was elected by the monks of lerins from among their number, making it a proto-democracy. The national holiday is August 20, the anniversary of St. Bernard's death.

Currently, the country is a principality; however, the prince is elected by the populace at large, but is still a monk. The current prince, Elected for life in 1963, is Giorgio Ier. Until 1995, the Seborgans used the Italian Lira; However, in that year a new constitution was adopted, and the prince reopened the Seborgan mint. The currency of the country is the Luigino - It is not part of the Euro zone. Currently, 1 Luigino is worth about 6USD/EUR, and is traded by Seborga's only bank, The Bank of St. Bernard's Knights. The country also has its own stamps. Despite this, There is no real local media; there isn't even a local newspaper.

The current flag, adopted in 1997, has the crest of Seborga (a crown and a blue sheild with a white cross) on a white field in the vertical quarter nearest the mast; the remaining 3/4 of the flag consists of 18 alternating blue and white horizontal stripes. The old flag was white in the upper outer corner, blue in the lower inner corner, and had a larger seal of Seborga in the center; along with the crown and shield, there was a red and ermine cape, and the motto 'sub umbra sedi' which apparently means either 'Sit in the shade' or 'I have sat under the shade' (thanks, Byzantine!)

It's not listed in the CIA world factbook. Don't ask me why.