Welcome to the Medieval European History Metanode! This metanode is still under construction, but I do have some nodes to offer for your perusal. Please take advantage of the hardlinks I provide; some of the people and events of the Middle Ages have very interesting and entertaining stories behind them. Someday, I'll probably make individual nodes for all of the people I mention, but for now, the big nodes will suffice. I have attempted to place these nodes in a comprehendible order. /Msg or e-mail me if you have any suggestions, corrections, etc.

The Middle Ages in Europe began with the Fall of the Roman Empire. We'll place this at the arbitrary date of 406 CE.

Preceding this was the Rise of Christianity, a religion which had a tremendous impact on Medieval Europe. Then there was the Rise of Islam, another religion that ifluenced European history greatly.

The Byzantine Empire rose soon after the fall of Rome. While this was not technically in Europe, the history of the Byzantines and the history of Europe were inextricably intertwined.

In France, the fall of Rome was followed by:
The Early Frankish Empire;
The Carolingian Dynasty;
The Capetian Dynasty; and
The Valois Dynasty.

On the British Isles, the fall of Rome was followed by:
Anglo-Saxon England;
Related to this is the witena gemot. More to follow!

Developments that affected all of Europe include:
The Rise of Universities and Scholasticism;
Medieval Technology;
Revival of Trade and Towns in Medieval Europe;
Prostitution in Medieval Europe;
The Crusades, with a tip of the hat to GeneralWesc for the initial node. I have created nodes for Crusades 1-4 so far, and will node the rest in the future.
More to follow!

Some areas I plan to add in the near future include:
The rest of British history to 1500;
The Holy Roman Emperors in Germany;
Medieval Russia;
The Medieval Papacy;
Medieval Medicine;
Medieval Religion for the Common Person;
The Life of a Medieval Woman;
Growing Up in Medieval Europe;
Medieval Architecture and Art;
Medieval Prostitution;
And anything else of which I can think.

You're probably wondering why I'm not listing my sources in most of these nodes. That's because I myself am the source. I figure this node cost me well over $2,000 since all of the knowledge needed to create it came from my 4-hour Medieval Europe course, years of personal interest, and many, many books on Medieval Europe. I'll probably add a node on books about Medieval Europe, but for now, these suggestions shall suffice:

Suger, The Deeds of Louis the Fat, is a good way to get acquainted with Medieval writing and history.
Lynn White, Medieval Technology and Social Change, is actually quite entertaining.
Barbara Hanawalt, Growing Up in Medieval London, is the most enthralling history book I've ever read. She includes fictional narrative alongside the history stuff, and there are plenty of gross stories to boot.

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