4:45am, Monday April 8th, 2002

I am leaving my old house on Michelle Place. My mom comes back and she is a prostitute, and shows all these magazines of Frankenstein porn. She is diseased. My sister has become an orphan.

Then, I am walking downtown in Victoria and mom is there, this guy drives by and waves some sort of ring. (Her pimp?) Then, this Wal-Mart van is behind them and the guy driving it sees that guy waving at my mom, and mistakes it as waving at me, and starts shooting at me. I have a newspaper for some reason and try to block the gunfire with it and mom just runs the other way. I am getting shot at, and then I am running and it's New York City instead, and I go up to my apparently high-rise apartment building.

As I am walking in, people are giving me looks like I am a homeless, and so I push by, and go stand to wait for the elevator. This woman walks through the lobby; she is intently focused on me the entire time with the most beautiful smile. She stands right next to me and we smile at each other, then she grabs my waist. At first, she just pinches gently. She says "Oh, sorry." and puzzled I am like "That's ok..." Then she says, "You're bleeding. You must have been shopping at Wal-Mart..." and I tried to explain what happened and say "no. I don't know why they were shooting at me at all, it made no sense.” She was like "think HARD" and grabs my inner thigh really hard. I am paralysed just standing there and everyone in the lobby had stopped what they were doing and are staring with blank faces. The elevator never came.

I woke up with the image of this woman's eyes glowing. (They were not coloured they were just glowing.)