Looking for some intense cherry flavor?

Might I suggest finding some sour cherries. Now, don't pucker up on me. Sour cherries are very good, they have a lot more flavor then your traditional black cherries. Now, they are not something you would want to eat raw. You are counting on them for flavor not for sweetness. They are best used in cooking where you will be adding sweeteners.

The best place for sour cherries would be to find an orchard where you can pick your own. Failing that, fresh sour cherries from the market are pretty decent if you can find them. They are usually in good shape because they don't fall into the cosmetic perfection trap as the black cherries do. Even canned isn't to bad.

You could make a nice cherry pie, or a delicious cherry coffee cake. Or you could go all out and make a German Black Forest Cake with sour cherry filling and Kirschwasser soaked layers. That will surely give you your cherry fix.